It’s so simple

so mundane

as to be overlooked

seems like

everybody is freaking out

end of the world stuff

terror alerts, financial meltdowns




when really

the solution has been right before us

the entire time

but nobody wants to hear the solution

nobody wants to really see change

or we would all be

sitting on a beach somewhere

or on a mountaintop somewhere

or wherever IT is for you

the only thing strong enough

to withstand the full onslaught of hell



see... some of you recoiled...

i did too

until i decided to actually follow

the teachings of Jesus Christ

the One who modeled for us

the greatest Love of all

i figured if i say i am a Christian

then i need to be doing

what Christ said


and with abandon

otherwise what’s the point

we cannot do this without Love

it is the only thing that gives us

enough gumption

enough latitude



to do what it takes

to always hope

always protect


who snuck in and told us

“failure is not an option”

it most certainly is

it is a choice

pure and simple

and after the fall

it became the default

so we blindly zoom along

wondering why

nothing works

why life is so damn hard

cursing everything in our path

trampling the pearls

beneath our feet


we can consciously choose to do

what our Creator has shown us

is good and faithful and true

not what our parents have shown us

(although they could have)

not what our teachers have shown us

(although they could have)

not even

what our leaders have shown us

(although they could have too)

if we are ever going to live in peace...

maybe that’s it

maybe deep down

we’d rather self-destruct

than to acknowledge

and actually put into practice

clear instruction

for example

Love is patient.


that’s the first description

in the whole “Love is” thing

the first one

and I know I’ve spent far more time

teaching our dogs to be patient

than mastering this first art of Love

I have not to worry though

He who began a good work in me

is gonna teach me patience

when I realized

I was being outdone by a chihuahua

I began to practice





if you’ve ever tried to train a dog

you know

when the desired treat is presented

the tendency is to lunge



and the bigger the dog

the more important it is

to instill obedience and discipline

otherwise big ol’ lovable Goliath

might just take out little old ladies

and small children

all for a biscuit.

brute beasts

are all we are

without Love

LOVE is patient.

— m.murphy —

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